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Mar. 13th, 2011

Boyfriend and I

Being Pro-Choice

 Being Pro-Choice, I face: bias, harm, hate, misunderstandings, and people who want to take away my rights as a woman. I have educated my choice, my opinions, and they have not changed. I see men in office debate the issue when they have no right to debate it - they cannot get pregnant, and therefore don't understand what it means to have the option of abortion taken away. Before I discuss why I am pro-choice, I want to point out that no pro-choicer is "pro-death" despite what most pro-lifers think.

My foremost reason is that if the government can take away my right to my own body, they can take away other rights I have as a woman. Women continue to face sexism, despite most women accepting the lie that we are "equal." We still fight for equality, and making abortion illegal would be a major step back in our struggle to be equal with males.

Second, Another issue I have with making abortion illegal is perfectly written by Tom Head at about.com. Why rephrase it when he says it perfectly (despite his lack of the female reproductive organ)?

"The answer is that the abortion debate isn't actually about abortion.

So what is the abortion debate about? Simply put, it's about increasing the consequences of sex so that more people will choose abstinence. If everyone who has an unplanned pregnancy has to choose between a dangerous illegal abortion and giving birth, then by golly, that'll show them, won't it? Is sex really worth the bioethical consequences of abortion, someone might ask? Is sex really worth all that? Better to be abstinent and not have to deal with these problems.

But women will still deal with these problems. The same women who make up 73 percent of abortion patients now will still not be able to afford to have a baby, and whether they choose to have a baby they can't afford or seek out an illegal abortion, they will make a choice. Except in a rhetorical sense, the abortion debate is not strictly about a woman's right to choose because a woman will choose, regardless of whether abortion happens to be legal or not. The question is whether the government is going to deprive her of safe choices and force her to risk her life if she wants to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Full article @ http://civilliberty.about.com/b/2007/01/22/why-im-pro-choice.htm

Third, Although Head makes excellent points in his article, all of which I agree with, men in decision making positions in office debate abortion (specifically, republicans) in terms of ending it. I am appalled that women are not outraged. How can a MAN, whom will never worry about getting pregnant, get rid of a women's right to choose? They should not be able to... yet they continue to do so. Considering their lack of a vagina, they sound like utter quacks. The minute a man in office tells me what to do in regards to my sex life and body, the minute I apply for citizenship in another country.

Lastly, I am pro-choice because making abortion illegal does not stop abortion. It merely makes it unsafe and is potentially fatal. There would be no difference in abortion rates whether they made it illegal or not. I am pro-choice because I do not agree with maiming women.

"I am pro-choice because “pro-life” policies kill and maim women. I am pro-choice because abortion rates are no higher in countries where abortion is legal than in countries where it is outlawed — but countries where abortion is legal see lower maternal mortality rates, lower infant mortality rates, greater economic prosperity, and greater gender equality.

I am pro-choice because it’s the pro-choice movement that has advocated for policies which actually decrease the need for abortion, and which make it easier for women to have children: comprehensive sexual health education, affordable and accessible contraception (including emergency contraception), pre-natal and well-baby care, social support for pregnant women and women with children, affordable child care, fair pay for working women, supporting pregnant girls, and gender equality. Comparatively, the “pro-life” movement* has no interest in actually lowering the abortion rate; their ultimate goal is sexual control of women, evidenced by their opposition to contraception and their belief that there is only one singular way to live: abstain from sex until heterosexual marriage, and then have as many children as God gives you.
I am pro-choice because I see the positive impact that the pro-choice movement has had in the United States. Women go to college at the same rates as men. We can define ourselves as something other than mothers, or as mothers and something else. Poverty has been cut in half since Roe gave women the right to control their own reproduction. Men can be nurturing too, and are expected to take part in raising their children. "

Jill @ http://www.feministe.us/blog/archives/2007/01/22/why-im-pro-choice/

Hey, don't just take it from me. Read the thousands of well-thought out pro-choice articles found on the internet, as they make a whole lot more sense than the opposing arguments.

Mar. 11th, 2011

Boyfriend and I

Writer's Block: Over the top

Who would you consider the most overrated musician, and why?

Possibly a very controversial choice, I think Lady Gaga is one of the most overrated musicians. Her music may be eccentric and "creative," but I have no doubt that no one would be lacking if she had not come along. The music industry is like a child with a short attention span - focuses on the most interesting thing, then moves on to the next. I am not personally bashing her, so refrain from bashing me. Her outlandish outfits seem to be nothing more than a vie for attention and continual celebrity status. She has also been quoted as saying that she refuses to see a therapist in fear of losing her "creativity." Mental illness is mental illness, folks, and I think she seriously needs to see one to make sure she is not suffering from any mental illness that could cause her harm. As for her music, Her songs are fun to dance to, but anyone can use autotune. Although, I do give her credit for her eccentric dance songs. 

Note to Lady Gaga:At your performance involving blood issuing from your chest - even somewhat prudish me thought you could use a tampon for that.  

Nov. 11th, 2010

Boyfriend and I

For The Love of Movies! Easy Virtue

 I'm sure there are fellow movie lovers out there. The power of film reaches people everywhere, everyday. I have never underestimated the power of a good movie. The sadness, love, and happiness portrayed easily through a film is reflected through our emotions. I'm particularly talking about a movie I viewed recently called Easy Virtue. Easy Virtue made me feel the love between Larita and John, the tension between Larita and the family, and the bittersweetness of the ending that left me in tears - yet, surprisingly, I wasn't disappointed and had a slight smile on my lips. The description of the movie does it no justice. The action is in the plot, not the description of the plot. I encourage everyone to view this film. For some reason, Easy Virtue is my favorite film ever seen, and I've seen plenty. 

As a side note, Easy Virtue is on instant watch on Netflix.

Oct. 30th, 2010

Boyfriend and I

Halloween Isn't Satanic nor Unsafe

 Sorry to burst your bubble, folks, but Halloween is neither satanic nor unsafe. Halloween was originally from All Hallow's Eve which was a day upon which people dressed up in costumes to ward evil spirits AWAY. All Hallow's Eve was also seen as a day in which the dead returned to earth, hence statement about costumes. I don't see how this is satanic at all. It is no different than praying, which is a ritual, to ward off Satan or "evil beings." Maybe you have to be a hypocrite to understand the logic?  I'm sorry If I'm offending anyone with my honesty, but I'm tired of being told that Halloween is satanic. It's brain washing within the church. Remember when Harry Potter was evil? Yeah, same problem here, and I won't get started on the Harry Potter issue at hand. I was also raised with the notion that Halloween is unsafe. My favorite myth is the poison candy lie. In one of the cases, the father had poisoned the kid's candy with cyanide in order to take out a hefty life insurance policy. In another a child died after a heroin overdose. The child had gotten into his Uncle's heroin stash and overdosed. The heroin was sprinkled on after the fact to protect the uncle. These occurred BECAUSE of the myth - they figured they could cover it up easily without being caught. Gotta love forensics. There are many incidents of POTENTIAL random Halloween candy poisonings, but when the candy was tested, no results were produced that supported the claim. I suggest you go to www.snopes.com/horrors/poison/halloween.asp for more information regarding such claims. This myth has been deemed false due to no evidence supporting poisonings. 

Besides the poison candy myth, I can understand why parents would deem trick-or-treating unsafe. Walking in the dark can be, but this is an issue everyone faces. Not only that, people are generally more careful when driving BECAUSE it is Halloween. A glow-stick necklace or flashlight would fix this safety hazard easily. Another myth people believe is that "creepers" come out on Halloween. I would hope these "creepers" have more originality than that. Come on! All the horror movies are pretty cliché ... wait, maybe that's where the myth came from?!

All in all, I'm not going to tell you how to trick-or-treat with your kids, but please educate yourself before scaring your kids unnecessarily or giving the next generation the same ridiculous lies. Always remember, HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 

Oct. 26th, 2010

Boyfriend and I

Family planning

If you wanted to have children and had trouble conceiving, would you be more likely to consider IVF, surrogacy, or adoption, and why?

My one and only choice would be adoption. Although I do want to have children the good ol' fashion way, the truth is, there are kids that are already born right now that need homes. Older children, for example, have less chances of being adopted than an infant. There is also an overpopulation problem which should always be thought of when children are in question. People now a days are aware that adopting from the pound is a better option than buying a puppy - why are humans any different? The only difference is the puppies are put to sleep. Children go through the foster care system - which is not peachy keen. Although not all foster homes are bad, how many true horror stories have you heard regarding foster homes? Many. The sad thing is that it is harder to ADOPT a child then it is to foster five [foster parents also get income for every child they foster]. Compared to all the other options, adoption is far more rewarding and giving a child a home is always a plus. You could also assume it's cheaper in the long run.

Oct. 13th, 2010

Boyfriend and I

Whimsical Thinking

 I prefer to blog about issues, but I cannot keep myself from blogging about life. This is live journal...is it not? I just wanted to write, simply to write. I'm exhausted 5 days of the week, and I dislike it because it leaves no time for whimsical thinking or romantic notions on music, life, and day dreaming. I'm one of those people who don't day dream when there are things to do - you will never see daydreaming getting in the way of things I need to do. I wish it would. I honestly do. Music always invokes an urge to write, draw, and ponder on issues in life I have never accepted. I look back on all the people who told me to accept what I can't change, my grief on not being able to change anything, and the continuous feeling that no one understands where I'm coming from. When I try to explain my theory on life, the words don't match the thought, and they never will. It's like trying to describe the sun to a blind man or trying to describe the beauty of the wind gently caressing your body all at once to someone who cannot feel. It's pointless, and the more you try, the more hopeless it becomes. You should see the looks I get from people...and I only tell people I love sincerely. Ahhhh, the pain of whimsical thinking.

I will never outgrow the notion of fairy tales, happily ever after, princes, true romance, and magical beings. I know they do not exist, but a girl can at least have some whimsical thinking... can't she?

Oct. 9th, 2010

Boyfriend and I

Becoming A Vegetarian Advocate

 I always do the same thing every time someone is thinking about becoming a vegetarian, and it seems to work with with the potential vegetarian. Even if they do not decide to become a vegetarian, just educating them makes a difference. I wanted to share some of my basic tips for conversing with someone interested in vegetarianism, but whom don't know much about vegetarianism. 
  1. Have a Q and A conversation with them. I have always been told I was such a help because I simply answered all of the questions they had about vegetarianism: "What do you eat? What must I avoid? What is vegetarianism?" Also, make sure you ask them about their situation at home with becoming a vegetarian, as this will pertain with #3.
  2. Give them YOUR story. Explain your personal story, the conflicts you faced, how you persevered, and how much better you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally on a vegan/vegetarian diet. This will help them relate to you better. 
  3. Build a relationship. Being there for them can be their support in vegetarianism when no one else is supporting them. Especially if their family is not supporting their choices, and even if their family is supporting it - it's difficult. Remember the issues regarding your own switch to vegetarianism? They are going to be going through it, and with your help, it can be a good transition. 
  4. Give them information! This is the best tool, because society has instituted all sorts of blatant lies as facts. Most people don't realize what really goes on, that meat is bad for your health, etc. Make sure to direct them to: www.tryveg.com/request/ where they can order a FREE magazine with the facts, tips, and tricks to becoming a vegetarian. This could be their most useful tool besides you when converting to a healthier way of living. Explain how you make sure a product is vegetarian.
  5. Clarify what a vegetarian is, and what a vegetarian isn't. I simply say that vegetarians don't eat anything with a face, a born face. Fish, pigs, poultry, cows, crabs, etc. all have faces that they were born with. Drawn on faces do not count - I have actually gotten this as a question. Also, verify that people who eat fish are NOT vegetarians. Vegetarians only consume dairy/egg products from animals, and vegans consume NO animal products. Please make sure that you educate them on this topic. 
  6. Always be there for them if they need help. Speaks for itself.
  7. Tell them what you eat! You don't need to list everything you have ever consumed as a vegetarian, but a basic list of 10-20 items can give them vital information on what they are GAINING, not losing by converting to vegetarianism. Society has made it seem like vegetarianism is a sacrifice! Comfort them by making sure they know they are not LOSING anything but a hole in their conscience.

These were simply things I naturally did when explaining to people my choice in lifestyle, and it has worked, so I just wanted to share them with you. If your methods of relating to potential vegetarians work, then stick with those!


Oct. 8th, 2010

Boyfriend and I

Annoyances as a vegetarian - The facts

If you've ever asked a vegetarian what annoys them the most about being a vegetarian, you will probably get similar interests. As a 3+ years vegetarian advocate, I've compiled a list of what annoys me, AND why they annoy me. 
  • The protein myth - even my 60 year old Biology Pre-AP teacher asked me about this, and just because she is a high school biology teacher doesn't mean that she is correct. Society's ideals are deeply instituted throughout, even in educated minds. The reason "The Protein Myth" annoys me so much is because it is incorrect. Vegetarians have no problems getting enough protein in their diet. In fact, Lettuce has 34% protein, Broccoli has 45%, Cauliflower has 40%, Celery has 21%, etc. compared to a Sirloin steak that has 51% protein - mainly because it's animal flesh. We eat animals in order to obtain energy - the energy they get from plants, which is less than the animal consumed...remember the energy cycle everyone learns in school? Why not get it directly from the source? 
  • What do you eat?! Salad? -insert confused face here- Um.....EVERYTHING?! I'm a cook and a baker. I make homemade manicotti, homemade pastas of every kind, fruit, gourmet mushroom, onion, garlic, spinach, and ricotta cheese sandwiches, veggies, fruits, smoothies, sweet potato fries, ANYTHING involving potatoes (excluding meat products), etc. The list goes on - AND I bake the moistest, most chocolate tasting brownies you will ever taste.  I'm also only fifteen - imagine how much more I'll eat when I buy my own groceries? I live in a meat eating household, and I eat delicious food. 
  • The idiotic excuses for eating meat - "God gave us animals to eat." When people say this it's obvious they have no idea how the animals are being treated behind slaughterhouse doors. God made man to watch over and protect the animals. Read the first chapter in The Bible again, sweetie, then you won't be able to use that excuse...and if you do...good luck with those reading skills of yours. "Animals would over run everything." The animals are bred for the purpose of eating in our society (cruelly so) - of course cows will overrun our busy streets and cities if we don't breed them, hang them, and slit their throats! Duh! Where was I for the past 15 years? Certainly not educating myself on the true facts of meat eating! Which totally explains why I'm a vegetarian, which is a life altering decision! Gosh, Golly-gee, I had no ldea! Pssssh. Get real, people. 
  • Being attacked by people who have no idea what they're talking about - A second point to above meat eating defenses, and the defenses go on and on and on and on and on (I think you get my point). The best defense from meat eaters? Being violent and confrontational...way to verify your points. I'm enlightened now! Psssht.
  • Don't get me started on the psychology of meat eaters, their defenses, why some get confrontational, or their denial. I don't have time, and you don't either.
To further explain the actual facts of a plant based diet, The other advantage of relying on plant sources for protein is fiber. "Meat, eggs, and dairy products have virtually no fiber. Plants foods such as vegetables, whole grains, and beans are loaded with fiber. Fiber is important for digestion and is associated with the prevention of many cancers. And fiber fills you up so you don't need to consume as much food to feel satisfied. You may have also heard that plant foods generally don't have the correct proportions of the essential amino acids, and therefore relying on plant-based sources for protein requires complicated combinations at each meal. It's true that most plant-based foods do not have every essential amino acid (one that does is soy). However, it's not necessary to consume the exact proportions at each meal. That myth was disproven by rigorous scientific studies. The studies demonstrated that as long as the participants ate a variety of vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and beans, they absorbed the necessary amino acids and received enough protein from their diets. It is possible to obtain all of the protein you need exclusively from plant-based foods. In fact, a plant-based diet will enable you to maintain a healthy weight and consume lots more food than a diet that includes animal products." - http://ezinearticles.com/?Yes-Plants-Have-Enough-Protein---Exploding-the-Protein-Myths-About-a-Vegan-Diet&id=2162653

Other excerpts I found, which further illustrate my points as a vegetarian, "Many people today are still under the mistaken assumption that getting enough protein from plants is difficult or impossible. I particularly love it when people explain to me why I should either be dead or suffering from protein deficiency symptoms. I haven’t eaten any animal protein in 8.5 years now, and I’ve never had any protein deficiency symptoms, nor have any other vegans I’ve known. Plus I’m not dead. On the contrary, I feel fantastic. So don’t worry about getting enough protein. Just eat your veggies, and you’ll be fine.

The idea was that most plant foods only contained some of the essential amino acids, so you’d have to combine “incomplete” foods like beans and rice to form meals that contained complete proteins. This idea was put forth in the 1971 book Diet for a Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappé. It was a million-copy bestseller. Unfortunately, many people still aren’t aware that this theory was later found to be completely false, as Lappé herself recanted her original theory in later works that were far less popular." -http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2005/09/the-great-protein-myth/

In conclusion, there is no conclusion, simply because despite all these facts, people continue to spew incorrect slander at vegetatians/vegans. I'm simply sharing my annoyances, and the BRIEF facts about those annoyances. The reason I am a vegetarian is because of healthful, environmental, compassionate, and economic reasons pertaining to myself and the world. Thank you.

What are YOUR annoyances as a vegetarian or vegan, and how do you deal with them? 

Oct. 2nd, 2010

Boyfriend and I


"Famine isn't unique to humans. All species are subject to it everywhere in the world. When the population of any species outstrips its food resources, that population declines until it's once again on balance with its resources. Mother Culture says that humans should be exempt from that process, so when she finds a population that has outstripped its resources, she rushes in food from the outside, thus making it a certainty that there will be even more of them to starve in the next generation. Because the population is never allowed to decline to the point at which it can be supported by its own resources, famine becomes a chronic feature of their lives."-Ishmael pg. 138.

I've read a book called Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, my boyfriend Justin's book. Although I have the same views as Ishmael, reading the book helps me articulate exactly what my views are. It has always been difficult to explain my way of thinking to the world, no matter how hard I tried, and through Ishmael, my way of thinking now has sophistication. The reason I highly recommend this book is because it WILL change your way of thinking if you remain open minded.
The narrator answers a person AD reading: "TEACHER SEEKS PUPIL. Must have an earnest desire to save the world. Apply in person." The narrator is the student, from my point of view he seems to be in his mid-twenties or early thirties. If his age was told in the book, I apologize, for I don't remember exactly. The main point of the book is the conversing between Ishmael and his students. The main point. It changed my point of view of the bible tremendously. No longer do I view it as a mythological and irrelevant book, but as a historical text. Not because everything that is said to have happened in the bible is true, but the way that we look at Greek myths-the greeks firmly believed in their gods. As we do ours.
Ishmael isn't about RELIGION. It's about the true history of the world. About the brainwashing that is being done by Mother Culture, about the true biological necessities that we refuse to follow because we've been told not to follow it.
Boyfriend and I


"a person who holds the view that any ultimate reality (as God) is unknown and probably unknowable; broadly : one who is not committed to believing in either the existence or the nonexistence of God or a god"

Before anyone labels me a bible burning atheist, I'm not. I'm not atheist nor bible burning. I'm agnostic. The definition for agnostic is quoted above from Merriam Webster online. I suppose I've tried to force myself to believe in God in the past. The christian God. The thing is, there may be something. The most logical choice is agnosticism. To acknowledge that humans will never know nor not know whether an ultimate deity exists. I have no opposition in believing in spirits. I believe demons and ghosts exists. So I acknowledge there may be some being out there. An ultimate deity or gods? No. I find that impossible. There is no proof, and most people say they don't need proof. Fine, that's great you have faith, but I don't. It's that simple. The thing is, I don't believe in religion. Not that it doesn't exist or that it is useless. It means nothing to me. I fully support other people's religious beliefs UNLESS they disrespect mine. I've firmly studied and made this choice for myself, and I expect respect from other people. I'm not atheist, and atheism is not a bad thing...but I'm agnostic. It's a different belief. I also get extremely annoyed because of intolerance. The way I look at it, disrespect my beliefs and I will disrespect yours. Respect is something you earn...or a better way to explain it, is yours until you lose it. I've been pegged intolerant of other people's belief before because of their spite, but what they don't get is, I don't go shooting down their belief until they start beating on mine.
In the world we live in, we must be tolerant, or else your "preaching" will have negative effects. The easiest way to "convert" is to show tolerance. Intolerance will just make you seem idiotic and ridiculous. Throwing a bible at someone's head won't get them to read it, but by kindly opening your eyes to theirs, they will open their eyes to yours, and maybe you can help them receive "salvation."

Another thing, don't talk smack about a religion you know NOTHING about. Unless you've googled it yourself, don't you DARE preach. When you listen to other people's naive and ridiculous ideals, and preach it like it's facts, you make yourself look uneducated and intolerantly bias. For example, SATANISTS don't worship satan or kill kids and animals. IN fact, they generally hold animals and children to noble standards because of their innocence. Satanists don't worship or believe in satan, they admire what he is/was and what he stands for. Self-indulgence. Satanism is about doing things for yourself. A sense of selfishness. "Satanism comprises a number of related beliefs and social phenomena. They share the feature of symbolism, veneration or admiration of Satan (or similar figures). Satan first appeared in the Hebrew Bible and was an Angel who challenged the religious faith of humans. ..." Most people neither understand or have actually researched what these religions mean.

If you want to disagree with me, fine, but this is my opinion, and therefore these are my definitions. 
There are no facts in life, merely agreed upon opinions.
Thank you.